EverGuard® Vent Pipe Boot | TPO Accessories | Roofing it Right GAF

In this episode of GAF’s Roofing It Right Series, Dave and Wally discuss GAF’s EverGuard® Vent Pipe Boot and the time saving advantages of a pre-fabricated TPO accessory when compared to fabricating a pipe boot in the field. They show us tips and techniques for fitting, welding and finishing this accessory to ensure a proper and lasting seal over pipe penetrations.

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Roofing it Right with Dave & Wally by GAF chronicles the roofing lessons, tips and tricks taught by two veteran roofers. They each have more than 35 years of experience in low slope roofing and now share their expertise throughout the U.S. and Canada through roofing detail installations and installations of commercial roofing assemblies, troubleshooting scenarios, roof inspections. Dave and Wally also assist the GAF Marketing and R&D teams in the development and testing of new products and installation methods, and assist in the documentation and publication of specification manuals. Watch more Dave & Wally at https://www.gaf.com/en-us/for-professionals/dave-and-wally-video-serie

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